Monday, 31 October 2011

Powers of the Devil's Undead

Bishop Sean, Does the Vampire as you know it (as you discussed in the last entry, The Demonic Aspect) have any supernatural powers (i.e. strength, agility, speed, shapeshifting, etc.)? If this is the case, especially with regards to strength and shapeshifting, would you please explain? — Kyle Germann

A chapter titled "Antidotes & Exorcisms" in my vampirological guide The Vampire Hunter's Handbook explains: "They cast no reflection, nor shadow and can assume animal shapes. Some have been thought to control elements locally. Metamorphosis into mist is not unknown either. ... They can intrude upon sleeping persons' dreams and sometimes mesmerize their prey ... [and all] have the ability to remain undead indefinitely unless exorcised in a precise manner."

My exorcism attempt at Highgate Cemetery in 1970.

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