Sunday, 28 July 2013

Crosses and Crucifixes

How many crosses do you have in your home? I imagine quite a lot of them. God bless. — Lorie

Certainly over a hundred, most of which are antique, some containing sacred relics, eg Lignum Sanctae Crucis (as seen immediately below).

The crosses and crucifixes at the retreat are very old; the majority being Victorian. There might be around a dozen crosses displayed whereas approximately one hundred crucifixes adorn the rooms.

Crucifixes I particulary favour are made of sterling silver. The altar shrine below also contains ex ossibus relics of St Pius X and in carne relics of St Francis of Assisi. These sacred relics, as with others in the general vicinity, are for veneration. The silver chalice is medieval, originating in Rome, and was previously owned by an Italian priest.

I completed the painting of Golgotha (at the top of this photograph) on the feast of the Most Precious Blood at the beginning of this month. This work in oils can be viewed properly by clicking on the image.