Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Past, Present and Future

"Do you plan on writing any more books in the near future?" — Ruben H

I am so engaged in the present that to reflect on the past, as writing a book often requires, is a luxury I find myself seldom indulging in. That notwithstanding, one day in the future perhaps another work will emerge, but don't hold your breath in the meantime. 

I am constantly being asked whether I will release an autobiography. I wrote a memoir of sorts some eight years ago which remained unpublished save for select extracts that appeared temporarily on the internet. These were immediately seized upon and infringed by antipathetic elements with a view to misrepresent and defame me. It is not that I especially care whether those who occupy dark places use what I share from the past as ammunition for their own mean-spirited ambitions, but so much happens in the here and now that finding time to devote to writing a book is something of a luxury. That notwithstanding, I hope to have a fresh memoir ready for publication in the not too distant future. Beyond notification of its release and ordering information, extracts will not be appearing on the internet. 

With regard to the past, today is the feast of St Francis of Assisi who is mine and probably many other people's favourite saint. It was on the feast of St Francis, of course, that I was elevated to the episcopate in 1991. Few saints have had greater impact on my life than this humble leader of an Order at first unpopular with the Church authorities until they realised he walked far more closely in Our Lord's footsteps than any of them. His experience and part in supernatural events is also well chronicled; most notably his visions, levitation and stigmata.

Below is my own attempt to portray the little saint  who means so much to so many  on canvas:  


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