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UFO Phenomena

Dear Bishop Manchester, Varying schools of thought exist concerning the UFO phenomenon. For example, some suggest it is a ruse to mask sightings of secret military craft, others suggest they are legitimate visitations by biological beings from other planets elsewhere in our universe. There is however a group of Christians who minister specifically to UFO ubductees and have successfully stopped reoccurring abduction scenario's by leading the victims into a relationship with Christ and teaching them how to pray for protection from evil. In their view, it is believed that genuine UFO phenomena is of demonic agency and is possibly the context in which the Evil One would stage an end times deception. I would like to ask if in your experiences whether you have dealt with the UFO phenomena and would you please share any comment you may have on the subject? Thanks very much for your time and consideration. Warm Regards, Scott.

In a number of radio interviews and one or two television interviews, I have speculated on the similarity between the description given of unfriendly extraterrestrial "greys" and demons; especially demons described by those who have confronted them at close quarters; even the demons depicted in some medieval art. I have not personally investigated or otherwise dealt with what might be regarded by certain folk as "UFO phenomena." In the case of "greys" allegedly making an appearance, I would most probably view them as demonic and nothing whatsoever to do with UFOs.

An attempt was made three years ago to fraudulently attribute comments concerning "mysterious lights" over southern England to me.  Dorset police confirmed they had received a number of calls and suggested it could possibly be a meteor shower. They discounted the possibility of a military cause because the military services inform them if they are conducting exercises at night in the area. The James Randi Educational Foundation Forum, however, were not slow to pick up on a fake comment made in my name that appeared on an online newspaper website courtesy of a mischief-maker.

Then someone calling himself "CLD" recorded on 19 June 2007:

"Imagine many people in a seaside town encounter strange lights in the sky. Some feel they are alien space craft. Others feel the lights are the work of a 'witch' who is casting a spell from afar. The evidence:

1. Newspaper stories reporting the lights

2. Eyewitness accounts of people who saw the lights

3. Testimony of a prominent citizen attesting that the witch caused the lights

4. Newspaper accounts of the witch's occult beliefs and practices

As you can see, some 'evidence' - although it may appear concrete - is simply not reliable. Even though there may be a large quantity of it, and some people are convinced by it, the evidence can't be considered conclusive in any way. It would be irrational to conclude the lights are something fantastic like aliens or the work of a witch when more ordinary explanations (such as chinese lanterns) are available."

Imagine, morover, a person with the intials "DF" noticing reports on television, in national and local newspapers, about mysterious lights over a coastal county in England. This person clearly recognised the probable mileage in these myserious lights for his agenda, ie self-publicity and furthering his personal vendetta. "DF" noticed that online comments in the Dorset Echo were unmoderated and alerted one of his collaborators. This crony then posted in my name a controversial comment claiming that the mysterious lights over Dorset had nothing to do with UFOs but were rather the remarkable supernatural powers of "DF" who some still believe to be a witch.

Stage one accomplished: publicity in a newspaper for "DF."

Stage two is already set in place because the original comment posted had been fraudulently attributed to "Bishop Seán Manchester," namely myself, which naturally left the way open for a tirade of abuse aimed at me in subsequent comments.

There were three problems with the plan:

1. When checked by the newspaper's webmaster, the IP behind the fraudulent "Bishop Seán Manchester" comment was found to be identical to that of a pro-"DF" poster who just happened to also post multiple attacks against me.

2. The comments were speedily removed by the newspaper's editor after being alerted by my secretary who requested that a record be kept for the police.

3. I do not believe (and has never believed) that "DF" has any supernatural powers. I do believe (along with most journalists, editors and especially most witches) that "DF" is disingenuous and has been since his pseudo-occult career began in the 1970s.

"DF" could not resist exlpoiting "CLD"'s inane message for his own self-aggrandisement:

"By the way, I wonder who this (obviously very powerful) 'witch' you referred to could be!?"

- "DF" (20 June 2007 @ 04:52 am - James Randi Educational Foundation Forum)

I only recall this otherwise trivial matter for those seeing mention of UFOs who might remember this incident, or, as is more likely, one of the myriad of oft-repeated regurgitations of the false attribution to me which was subsequently spammed across the internet on message boards and forums by this man's sorry clique.

The argument for the "demonic nature of UFOs and ascended masters in their connection to the occult" is made by by Paul Christopher at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyMCXTGkc8k

Other links pursuing the demonic connection with UFOs can be found at:







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