Thursday, 15 April 2010

Glastonbury Abbey Bookshop

This is the Abbey Bookshop at Glastonbury. You will find all kinds of items on sale; including gifts, posters, cards, fancy goods, as well as plenty of books and magazines. But you will not find a copy of The Grail Church which is about the history of Glastonbury and how the earliest Christian Church was founded on a site within what is now the ruin abbey grounds, St Joseph of Arimathea's apostleship and the reflowering of a pure branch of Christianity in recent times.

My book used to be on sale at this Christian bookshop back in the 1990s, but something happened when influences bore down on those who run it. These influences are not Christian, needless to say, and visitors are surprised nowadays to discover what is on sale. Some of the books, magazines and other items on display are of a distinctly non-Christian nature. Some are blatantly pagan. One might have thought that there are sufficient shops in Glastonbury already specialising in witchcraft and paganism without it requiring an outlet in what is ostensibly a Christian bookshop run by the Church of England within the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey itself.

Do not imagine for a moment that I have not brought this matter to the attention of the establishment and the local vicar. But they are modernists and liberals. And I am a traditionalist. Moreover, I am Catholic, albeit autocephalous. So there you have it. Glastonbury is a concentrated microcosm of the macrocosm, the British Isles! We need to restore Christianity to not just one small market town in rural Somerset, but to the whole of Great Britain.



  1. Your Grace,
    I recently visited Glastonbury, in search of Christian healing, I was saddened to find the churches locked and the Abbey a tourist attraction. Every where I looked was new age 'healing' and pagan shops and witchcraft. Can you use your influence to sweep these idolaters out of the town.

  2. I am sympathetic to your plight; faced, as I am, with my own books being refused to be sold in the (Church of England) Abbey bookshop while pagan publications are openly offered for sale, and having witnessed multi-faith ceremonies that include cavorting witches in St John's Anglican Church in the High Street.

    I would certainly like to respond to your question, but I have to request that you sign with at least your genuine Christian name, assuming you do not wish to employ your name in full, as I do not answer questions posted anonymously.

  3. Dear Bishop,
    I was wondering where I may obtain the prayer cloth dipped in the cup. I am a 49 ywar old Registered Nurse, injured in a fall almost 4yrs ago. I was diagnosed with an incurable nerve disorder. I have tried verious meds, had my spine tapped 21 times, and various forms of therapy. My body feels as if it is burning all the time,I am in constant never pain. I have never given up. I pray everyday for strength, I have ben blessed at St. John Neuman's shrine, and my name appears in the book that rests on the alter at each mass...again I prayed for strength. If at all possible I would love to have a prayer cloth that I may incorporate into my daily prayers.
    i believe my faith has kept me going during these trying times. I await your answer.
    In God's faith,
    Laura Pierce

  4. If you wish to receive a prayer cloth contact me on Facebook at:

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    Further details about prayer cloths can be found at: