Friday, 13 December 2013




  1. Greetings, i would like to make contact with Bishop Sean Manchester is this possible? if so could i have an email address?
    Blessings Most Rev Khern S Oliver

  2. This is something I have been thinking about allot lately. We all make our choice throughout life and not even prepared for the end. Death is very rarely spoken about unless at a funeral of a loved one do you really start to think about your life and where your heading. Life is so precious and so many do not care what they do in there lives and what will become of them in the end.

    1. Media vita in morte sumus — in the midst of life we are in death. This antiphon is attributed to the Benedictine monk Notker I of Saint Gall who died in 912.

      I believe we face death from the moment we receive the gift of life at conception. For the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning.

    2. Dear Mr. Manchester,
      I will soon visit UK, coming from Croatia.
      I have a letter for you could you send me your mail address?

      Thanks in advance,