Sunday, 13 October 2013


Before you take your leave from the internet, it would be very appreciated if you could give us a good bibliography. Books relating to demonology and the supernatural, as well as books that had a profound impact on your life. Something to build our minds with in your absence. Thanks for everything. Pax vobiscum.

Books that most made an impact, of course, are the Bible and the lives of the Saints. I was influenced at a young age, probably in my early teenage years, by the writings of Montague Summers on such topics as demonology and vampirism. After Summers, I found more obscure writers on this hidden area, but I am loathe to list a bibliography, just as I am loathe to encourage anyone to take undue interest in such a perilous region of supernaturalism. Individuals called to the ministry of specialised exorcism where such knowledge is paramount will uncover all they need to know soon enough, and for them the Rituale Romanum is essential. Should more need to be known about these things, I would suggest something relatively easy to comprehend which is nevertheless comprehensive in its execution, and to that end I heartily recommend the former Roman Catholic priest Anthony Finlay's Demons! The Devil, Possession & Exorcism (Blandford, 1999). Dr Finlay has taught Latin and for many years studied the Bible and theological literature, as well as having direct experiences of possession and exorcism. His book contains a very good bibliography and seven excellent appendices.

However, a strong faith is worth more than a hundred thousand books. Live your own story. Above all, allow your faith to shine.


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