Wednesday, 14 August 2013

National Gnosticism and Social Darwinism

Dear Bishop Manchester,

I have read your comments on my blog, and a commentator suggested I post here, to ask if you think the blog is a useful record of someone who was involved in a satanic version of Fascism, but is now claiming to be trying to overcome hate and embrace Christ? Shouldn't we as Christians be reaching out to such individuals? Perhaps even David Farrant might one day knock Wicca/Witchcraft on the head and find Christ, so we can never write anyone off, and we shouldn't judge.

As for being a "resource," I for one was surprised to discover reading another article on the blog that Aleister Crowley, the notorious self-proclaimed "Great Beast 666," was a proto-Fascist, racist and anti-Semite. If this was more widely known perhaps less impressionable youngsters would laud the long dead Crowley.

Your sincerely,


An Anglican

Aleister Crowley

Your blog states that it is dedicated to promoting the creed of National Gnosticism and the doctrine of Social Darwinism in its "eternal struggle for Survival of the Fittest." Aleister Crowley also features heavily on it.

Its "recommended reading list," amongst a plethora of titles promoting Fascism, Black Magic and Satanism, includes two of my own books. These are not as random as at first they might appear. One is about an investigation into the malign supernatural while the other warns against the dark occult. Both books are justifiably critical of David Farrant. My name, as the author, is naturally also included. This might suggest your blog supports me when, in fact, it does not. There is much on it defaming me which naturally required some refutation.

What might possibly be your final blog entry was published on 21 July 2013, stating that your blog "is now disbanded and the previously listed contact email address of the Order is no longer in use. In any case our circle of supporters never amounted to more than a handful of individuals. This blog is now suspended and will not be updated. Previous posts will be maintained as a historical archive and resource for researchers."

Facts regarding Aleister Crowley about which you remark are widely available elsewhere, but what your blog does provide, apart from misinformation and falsehood gleaned from my detractors about me, is an incredible catalogue of Left-hand Path occult and Fascist literature with links to ultra-extremist websites. Needless to say, you advertise a number of self-published items originating with Mr Farrant whom, I agree, we should not "write off." I have offered to meet this man privately on innumerable occasions with view to helping him and also  putting an end to his exceptional hostility. He has always declined. Incidentally, David Farrant, according to his own published statements on the matter, ceased to be a "wiccan/witch" in 1982. I cannot vouchsafe what he is today or ever was prior to that time, but I doubt it had much to do with "wicca."

Nobody is beyond redemption, including yourself, and I would not judge nor rule out the possibility of any person being helped to turn from their own shadow to the Light,  but I am obliged to condemn behaviour which is morally reprehensible, degenerate and harmful. On balance, therefore, I do not find your blog a useful record, as it overwhelmingly offers contact with the very things of darkness you now claim to eschew.

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