Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Benedict XVI's Resignation


Like folk all around the world, I was stunned by the news that Pope Benedict XVI would be resigning his office as the Bishop of Rome, and request that the people of our English Catholic jurisdiction join me in praying for the Holy Father in these last few weeks of his papacy. Hopefully he has been guided through prayer and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit without pressures and influences at work within the Vatican. I will always be grateful to Pope Benedict XVI for attempting to preserve tradition within the largest Catholic denomination in the world against a rising tide of destructive modernism and undoctrinal liberalism.

As we join together in prayerful support of the Holy Father, I am less confident than I would certainly like to be with regard to the eventual future direction of the Roman Catholic Church which nonetheless still holds fast to doctrine much of the remainder of western mainstream Christianity has now shamefully deposited on the dustheap of history in its suicidal rush to embrace secular popularism at every level. We thank the Lord for the gift of Pope Benedict XVI, who led traditionally and served his flock faithfully. Let us also pray for the cardinals as they convene in the weeks ahead to elect the future Roman Catholic Pontiff.


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