Saturday, 5 May 2012

Official Statement from Isaac Ben Jacob and his wife:

Official Statement by Isaac Ben Jacob regarding David Farrant and the person variously calling herself "Della Maria Vallicrus," "Della Escarti" and "Della Farrant."

Me and my wife have discovered with a lot of surprise the existence of several blogs where we are notably being associated with David Farrant and his wife or girlfriend (I don't know if she is his wife or his girlfriend), whereas we have absolutely no contact with him, and we absolutely do not share his ideas.

I wish to underline that my wife met David Farrant once or twice during meetings, and that it was David Farrant who started to talk to her, whereas she didn't know anything about him or his past. We recently found out that the reason why David Farrant initially made contact with my wife was in order to manipulate us, and to make you believe she was Della. If you look closely at the pictures of Della [posted in blogs], you will notice that the Della shown on the photos is always hiding her face, and that she always takes a posture which does not allow anyone to determine exactly how tall she is.

I have attended a meeting myself three months ago, and I have seen Della and David Farrant together at this occasion. And when I tried to take a picture of them, Della immediately threw herself at me and my wife in order to force us to delete the photo from our camera.
We do not have any relation or contact with Della and David Farrant, and we don't want to be associated with these two persons in any way, shape or form, because they have a sulfurous past, they have a reputation of being Satanists, and they are acquainted with people like Jean-Paul Bourre, whom I don't want to hear about.

I know you have done research about me, and consequently you know I am an earnest academic researcher who uses scientific methods. Therefore you also know that I reject and condemn all magical practices, heretical deviancies, and obviously people such as David Farrant, who have practised Satanism.
I think that you and I have been manipulated in this case, and that you could help us reestablish the truth.

Yours sincerely,

Isaac Ben Jacob

15 April 2012


  1. Dear Mr Jacob,If you say you saw Della Farrant with David Farrant,There must have been SOMEONE who was at this function,who knew who she was,and her real name?Why dont you reveal it?Then you and your wife would no longer be troubled in this way.You see,no-one really believes she exists.I, personally,feel that she is a creation of his male close writer friend.Its both nasty and malicious,the way Farrant is behaving,telling everyone,including all his fans,things about himself that are lies,exagerations,and complete fabrications.I once used to respect Mr Farrant.It is no longer the case-Has he gone mad?!

  2. If they were so flipping bothered why did they not just show a photo of the happy couple like normal couples and ths bishop did on his nuptuals, if there was this massive problem of someone saying something about the bride, who he had mde sure he invented a great mystery about, while saying how she waited on him hand and foot and went out to work also, why did he not just send a soliciors letter of warning out to th e persondoing it,like she did not exist other than in his head, why involve the police if she was real, just send a letter about £50,to say we are a real couple, , instead of pasting it all over the internet which cannot be believed as genuine anyway, amidst a load of fawning cyber-supporters on a certain facebook who are--haha---on the trail,but comletely useless, as stuck upon the pantomime characters invented for them to make a fuss about.This fella orchestrated a situation, on possibly the real situation of a vulnerable person or out of his head, then after he had made it look ludicrous, either cos his imagination got carried away or cos the female heslef was dazzled inexplicably by him, he made this situation and then turned them both into innocent victims, and even involved the police,unecessarily who clearly cannot suss it out either, that they also are being used in a publicity stunt.

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