Saturday, 4 June 2011

From Russia With Love

Dear Bishop Sean Manchester! I apologize for my English (unfortunately, I can`t speak and read English well). My name is Tatiana and I`m orthodox Christian from Russia. I saw Your performance on the TV- channel Discovery. And I schould like to ask His Excellency:

1. Whether you plan to publish Your books in Russia in the Russian language, as in Russia is an interest in your books?

2. I apologize for perhaps a naive question - You were not afraid to come into the house where he was a vampire from Highgate (because it was very dangerous)? I saw the image of the vampire - it is really terrible! Thank you in advance!

Help You Our Lord Jesus Christ! 


Thank you for your enquiry. I have many Russian friends in the Orthodox faith. Unfortunately, the books I have written are not published in Russia, much less in the Russian language; but, of course, the English language versions of each of the titles published in Great Britain will always be distributed by Gothic Press to individual customers in Russia, or, indeed, anywhere else. There are, however, no plans at present to publish my works outside the UK.

Fear is something all too easy to succumb to when dealing with the malign supernatural, and on occasion I have been as frightened as the next person, but — and this is what separates the trained and seasoned exorcist from those who understandably do not take it upon themselves to confront such demonry — it is also something one must quickly overcome when the inevitable struggle ensues between the forces of darkness and the power of the Light.

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  1. Thank You very much, His Excellency!

    With respect!