Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Corporeal Manifestation

Your Excellency, can you kindly explain the difference between the corporeal vampire and the antediluvian written about in the Book of Enoch? Yours in Christ, Rose.

I fear I shall need to call upon elaboration from you in this regard, as my understanding of the tradition about the seventh antediluvian patriarch Enoch, tracing its development from its roots in Mesopotamian lore to the Second Temple apocalyptic texts and later rabbinic and Hekhalot materials where Enoch is often identified as the supreme angel Metatron, might be removed slightly from your own comprehension. May I enquire how you relate the imagery of the celestial roles and titles of the seventh antediluvian hero in Mesopotamian co-extensive to the point of synonymity with the corporeal manifestation of those demons commonly referred to in more recent centuries as vampires?

Analysis of the celestial roles and titles shows that the transition from the figure of the angel Metatron occurred in the Second Temple Enochic materials, namely, in 2 (Slavonic) Enoch, a Jewish work, traditionally dated to the first century Anno Domini. Mediatorial polemics with the traditions of the exalted patriarchs and prophets played an important role in facilitating the transition from Enoch to Metatron in the Second Temple period.

Most people, of course, will be more familiar with the antediluvian period than they would the seventh antediluvian patriarch Enoch; the antediluvian period being the time that preceded the Great Flood of Noah as related in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. It was an important feature in versions of natural history that were formerly much more widely accepted, but is currently primarily accepted by Creationists. The primary source of knowledge about the antediluvian period is Genesis, chapters 5 and 6.

Thank you for Your Excellency's time. I doubt I can relate the Enoch-metatron tradition to the corporeal vampire. Sorry for the confusion. What is a corporeal vampire? Yours in Christ, Rose.

Vampires are demonic entities that employ blood in a way that enables the wraith to manifest in tangible form, thereby appearing as an accursed body which issues forth from within the confines of its earthly grave by supernatural means to drain the essence of life from the living whereby the corporeal aspect is seemingly nourished and preserved with new vitality and fresh energy. This corporeal form can nevertheless metamorphose; that is to say shape-shift. Most chroniclers of this extraordinary phenonemon have been clergy whose works are now near impossible to find save in specialist libraries. I would, however, recommend two books constantly being reprinted and therefore in all probability still available. These are The Vampire: His Kith and Kin (Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co, 1928) and The Vampire in Europe (University Books, 1929), both by Montague Summers.

Thank you, Your Excellency. I look forward to reading the recommended books. Rose.

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